63yr-old Brit heart patient chases lorry for 20 miles after it clips his home

November 21st, 2008 - 5:18 pm ICT by ANI  

London, November 21 (ANI): A sexagenarian English man, facing major heart surgery, chased his lorry across three counties after it struck the overhanging roof of his 500-year-old home in Cavendish, Suffolk, recently.
Wood carver Wynn Evans, 63, was making a cup of tea when he heard an “almighty thud”, as one of the two heavy goods vehicles travelling in convoy clipped his Tudor house damaging beams, tiling and a window.
The lorry even sent a chunk of wood crashing to the pavement.
Evans property had been hit by passing vehicles several times in the past, and when it all repeated this time, he decided to chase the vehicle.
He jumped into his car and began a 20-mile pursuit in search of the vehicle’’s registration number.
The old man even remained in touch with police through his mobile, and frequently called them to update his progress.
The HGV was eventually intercepted in Linton by a patrol car 30 minutes later, and its driver was arrested.
“I was making a cup of tea when I heard the bang and saw the lorry drive off,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.
“I was livid. I didn”t want to beat anybody up I just wanted to make sure somebody paid for the damage because I knew what it would cost.
“I knew that if I simply called the police all they would have to go on was a vague description of the lorry.
“So I jumped in my car and followed it and called the police as I went.
“If the police hadn”t arrived to intervene, I was thinking of some way I could have made a fuss to make sure that the lorry stopped,” he added.
Evans had spent several hours at Papworth Hospital, Cambs, earlier that day, and underwent tests ahead of scheduled heart bypass surgery.
“The last thing I wanted was stress on my heart. Everyone said I was brave to give chase but I did it without thinking,” he said.
Evans, who has been living in the listed property for two-and-a-half years with his wife Lesley, has revealed that last year a lorry caused 10,000 pounds worth of damage in a similar incident.
“My wife was in the centre of Cavendish at the time and saw the lorries minutes before the accident,” he said.
“She jokingly said ”I hope those lorries don”t hit my house,” he added.
Suffolk Police have confirmed that a 68-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of careless driving, and was later released.
The police revealed that a file had been sent to the Crown Prosecution for lawyers to decide whether to bring charges. (ANI)

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