24 years after operation Blue Star

June 3rd, 2008 - 8:57 pm ICT by David M N James  

It’s June 3 the day Indira Gandhi sighed her death certificate and 24 years since June 3rd to June 6, 1984 when she ordered operation Blue Star to quash Shabeg Singh’s militia led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The artillery hit the Armistal and Indra was smiling all the way to zenith. The Indian Army Stormed into the Golden Temple under the command of Major General Kuldip Singh Brar and secured the temple. Sikh militants were removed from Golden Temple in Amritsar. By the end of the Blue Star operation 5000 people(including militants and perhaps innocent children, women and old men) were dead and 500 soldiers were also killed.

Indira Gandhi used Vijayanta Tanks during the attack which Sikhs view as an attempt to demoralize and kill as many of them as possible. The operation began with the Indian Army taking position outside the temple complex destroying the Shabeg Singh’s militia outer defenses. The army used a strategic offensive by bombing three main towers which had been fortified for Bhindranwale’s to observe and tracking the movement of the Indian troops in the narrow alleys surrounding the Temple.

On June 5 1st Battalion commandos and a parachute regiment running down the steps under the clock tower on to the edge of the sacred tank to the Akal Takht were gunned down by militants with light machine-guns.

Major-General Brar reinforced them and ordered them to go in followed by the 10th Battalion of the Guards commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Israr Khan. A second commando attack neutralized the machine-gun posts on the parikarma. Guards came under withering fire and made no progress. They radioed for permission to fire back at Golden Temple after reporting heavy casualties. Brar used tanks after an APC was destroyed by a rocket fired from Sikh militants. Seven tanks rolled into the Golden Temple complex and fired from their 105mm main guns with devastating results but most expected results of the day. The Blue Star succeeded to bring down the militia leaving 5500 dead.

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