Workshops on stress busting organised in Chandigarh

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As stress becomes a part of the daily work routine, more and more urbanites and employees of big corporate houses are turning to various stress combatting techniques.

Working in hip-hop mall-style offices with free food lounges, pool tables and gyms, these big corporates are self-sufficient islands, servicing thelobe round the clock.

Experts say that such a lifestyle can lead to various physical as well as psychological health problems.

Stress gurus like V K Kapoor, a former police officer, have come up with novel ideas to cope with anxiety by organizing regular workshops.

“Faith, family and friends… Friends and family say because there is a lot of loneliness in society. Loneliness tends to increase your blood-pressure and you feel threatened and alone. If you have some friends with whom you can share, it is your emotional support system and if the family is good then you see it’s a good buffer against stress. And faith in God-Think and thank.That’s a realistic view of life,” said V.K. Kapoor.

Many people don’t realize that stress is a natural and important phenomenon of life. Though stress is required, too much of it cannot be handled for too long.

Employees these days are encouraged to participate in various programs like yoga, breathing exercises, laughter clubs, dancing aerobics and meditation that emphasize on de-stressing.

Practitioners say that these activities if taken up on a regular basis, help individuals stay calm in difficult situations and also discover the hidden talents.

“The people who were not talking previously, now they are responding, now they are talking proudly about what is happening; they were not even open, they were not in a position to laugh openly, they are normally smiling. So then, we feel, what’s this? Come on! You are a part of the team, you are important to me, very important to me. They feel yes, my existence is important to the company, important to the boss then the scene is slowly, gradually changed all the way. And obviously when a person is open he is going to perform better, he can speak to anybody. Sir, what to do? How to do? This is the thing,” said Arun Grover, Managing Director of Amartex Industries.

Such workshops are quite common nowadays as `stress’ has overtaken a majority of urbanites and professionals, who come trundling to the refuges and swear by the therapeutic gains.

Among the most popular activities is laughter therapy, spirituality and yoga that help employees manage office pressures and deadlines.

“I think the biggest shift that has come to my life is not only that I can be happy but after learning at the `Art of Leaving’ I can make other people, I can make the environment very happy. And the technique I have learnt at the Art of living and the knowledge they have imparted to me that haselped me to go deeper inside me and become more dynamic in my actions,” said Sunil Mahajan, a member of Art of Living.

Irregular food habits, unnatural sleep patterns, stress and other psychological issues add to the already stressful environment.

There are specifically designed programs for stress reduction to meet the needs of every age group and section of society from children to adults, from farm workers to corporate executives. (ANI)

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