Washington, D.C. Promotes Female Condoms To Battle Effectively Against The HIV Pandemic

July 29th, 2010 - 8:05 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

hiv_20100719052716_320_240 July 29, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): Washington, D.C. happens to be the seat of the federal administration of America. It obviously possesses the commanding status of being a momentous city politically.

There is a concerted health-related movement taking place currently in the abovementioned D.C. The mission of this movement is to endorse the usage of female condoms in the anticipation they can facilitate the prevention of the dissemination of HIV in D.C. This is because the D.C. happens to be the possessor of a pretty ignominious record. The D.C. has one of the uppermost infectivity rates in America.

Community associations there are engaged in discharging 500,000 of these female condoms. These female condoms happen to be stretchy pouches. These pouches are broader than a male condom. Nonetheless, lengthwise, they are comparable. These condoms are being discharged during educational sittings at beauty parlors, barber shops, churches and eateries.

CVS Online Pharmacy is vending these condoms in its shops of drugs in the D.C. Hitherto, the sales of these condoms have been rather sluggish. Nonetheless, due to this initiative of CVS, Washington happens to be the solitary destination in which citizens can get the female condoms outside a treatment center or community cluster.

The bureaucrats of D.C. are now initiating an additional promotion. This happens to be a website and advertisements on 460 buses of the D.C. These buses represent about a third of the city’s convoy. The advertisements consist of an embracing twosome, a female condom parcel and the terms ‘Get turned on to it.’ These advertisements will be exhibited for three months and again in the spring. These advertisements basically recommend the American couples, via sexual references, about the importance of having sex in a playful and active yet responsible manner.

The D.C. isn’t the initial city in America to dole out female condoms. Nevertheless, its movement is the widest and the most energetic. New York City has been dishing out female condoms for 12 years now. Neighborhood clusters there parceled out some 930,000 condoms in 2009. Nonetheless, only an older edition of the female condom is put up for sale in a few stores outside Washington.

The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed female condoms in 1993. Nevertheless, these condoms have never been extensively accessible in America.

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