Vascular Cancer- Colby moved Up to heaven

June 20th, 2009 - 4:08 pm ICT by GD  

Colby Curtin Would we ever find an answer to the existence of vascular cancer? Lets see if we are able to throw some light on vascular cancer. The smooth muscle cells are cancerous, in fact, even more prone to cancer if they turn to be dividing cells. After all, vascular system is the body’s blood vessel network.

The picture of the girl that you see is of 10 year old Colby Curtin, who was suffering from vascular cancer. She had a simple wish of watching animated movie “Up” before dying which was fulfilled by Pixar. From sources it has been found out that a family friend contacted Pixar on which a studio employee visited Colby family with a DVD copy of the movie “Up”. Colby’s mother had no idea what was going on, all she could realize and think was that her daughter was moving Up, up to heaven. Very natural, as no mother can see her child diminish in front of her own eyes, saddening, in fact. On one hand we cannot stop appreciating Pixar for this kind and generous gesture towards the dying 3 year old child, while, on the other hand, the heartbreaking incident of the dying girl is surely striking our senses that the vascular cancer disease is increasing at a fast rate.

The reasons behind the growth of this disease could be smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol level, diabetes, getting quite prevalent amongst people over 50 years of age, who are obese, or from families having history of vascular diseases, stroke, heart attack.

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