Top Relaxation Techniques For The Working Soul

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By Meena Kar
stress_reliefDec 3, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Stress can be complicated. While stress levels differ from industry to industry and even individual to individual, stress can bring with it several psychological and other health related problems. Relaxation therefore, becomes a compulsion for those working long hours at a stretch. For those confined to a chair for most part of the day, learning about the best relaxation techniques that provide relief from physical and mental stress is an absolute must.

Listening to music is considered one of the best relaxation techniques for those who can only spare a few minutes during their work hours. One should keep in mind that listening to hard rock or trance might not really relax the mind but further add to the tension. To relieve oneself of mental stress, classical or smooth music (Deep Forest, Enigma, Gregorian Chants and Soul) could actually work wonders. To relieve the eye from the constant stress of staring at the computer screens, the sliced cucumber might sound like a far fetched idea in office. For those not lucky enough to have vegetables at their disposal, a wet tissue to wipe the eyes and a few of laying back with the eyes closed can help. Looking at green trees is also considered one of the best relaxing techniques for the eyes.

For those who need to constantly use their phones, the best way to relieve the vocal cords is gargling with warm salt water. Not only does it help in getting the voice back, but also prevents breaking and sore throats. On weekends, one can also stay free from stress but avoiding office related discussions and focusing on personal interests like sports or music. A long vacation away from the city once a year can also be a great stress-buster.

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