Testicular Torsion: A fatal disorder of the testicles

May 15th, 2009 - 9:40 pm ICT by GD  

Testicular Torsion refers to the emergency surgical need for the person affected by the testicular disorder.

This testicular disorder is one of the most fatal of health disorders and if not treated in due time, the disorder may actually result in the literal loss of the affected testicle.

This highly painful testicular problem arises when the spermatic chord gets twisted and as a result the testicles fail to receive an adequate supply of blood. And when the testicle tissues fail to get the adequate amount of blood, they slowly begin to die.

In case of the testicular torsion the testicle that is affected gets severely damaged, the longer the torsion, the severe the damage. This is the reason why, this testicular disorder needs to be treated in time.

This kind of disorder occurs commonly among boys and men between the age group of 12-18 that is when they are in their adolescence to adult phase. The testicular torsion usually occurs in one testicle. But this not mean that it cannot occur on the both sides of the scrotum, in fact of all the testicular torsion cases, 40 % of the patients have problems with both their testicles.

Generally, this problem of the testicular torsion is triggered an “anatomic anamoly” , which in the medical terms is known as the “bell clapper deformity”.It is due to this anatomic or the bell clapper deformity the the spermatic chord gets twisted thereby diminishing the blood flow into the testicles.

This deformity that leads to the torsion is said to be caused by traumatic cases and could also be the result of unprompted occurrences health problems.

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