Swine flu in alabama

April 30th, 2009 - 2:14 pm ICT by GD  

After the state’s first eight samples of swine flu tested negative, it is being hoped that the Alabama Department of Public Health will disclose results of additional samples today. Don Williamson, the State Health Officer said on Tuesday that as of yet Alabama has no confirmed cases of this virus that is spreading very very fast, but he also said that if the flu continued to spread at the current rate, it would not spare Alabama from its scourge.

“It is appropriate to be concerned, but not panic. We are about as well prepared as we can expect to be,” Williamson said.

Williamson is said to have mentioned that the samples that were sent to his department were not all from a single geographical location.

Echoing the fear of the common people Williamson remarked that the greatest anxiety surrounding the flu is the great deal of matter that is still not known to us about the flu.

To quote the Health Officer,“What is driving this concern is the medical fear that this is a new virus and we don’t know as much about this as we would like to know,… We studied the 1918-19 (influenza) outbreak very closely and what we found was we had a mild strain that showed up in the late spring and early summer and it came back in the fall as a horrific, deadly disease. The question is, what does it look like when it comes back?”

Williamson said that the swine flu is not restricted to only those people who have traveled to Mexico where the disease is supposed to have been originated. This proves that much of the virus is now spreading due to Secondary transmission. That is why the flu strain is detected all over the world. That means much of the spread is now due to secondary transmission.

Since the flu season is coming to an end in the United States there is a relief, but the concern is that the virus could continue to thrive elsewhere in the world, in places where the flu season starts soon. The flu could then be back again in the United States when the flu season starts in the fall.

Swine Flu Virus

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