Pill To Help Human Live Past 100 Due Out in 2012

May 13th, 2010 - 3:21 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

May 12 (THAINDIAN NEWS) In a report released by “The Sun” on Wednesday, it was revealed that people may soon be able to obtain a pill which will help them to live past a hundred years old. The report stated that this “miracle drug” could be available within the next two years.

The drug is a spin off from research which was done on Alzheimer’s disease and other age related illnesses. They are already being developed, according to a professor from America who worked on the research. Professor Nir Barzilai, who is one of the world’s top experts on the subject of aging and it’s related health issues, and problems, told his fellow scientists at a conference in London about the pills. He stated, “Pharmaceutical companies are developing these drugs now. They will probably be available for testing from 2012.”

The shocking breakthroughs which helped in the development of these pills comes from extensive research into what makes a cell die, and why some people are able to escape major illnesses like diabetes, dementia, and cancer to live longer, more productive lives, while others die young of such illnesses.

The team of the professor, who work at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has discovered a genetic variance which allows certain people to live to be much older while staying healthier. Those who have these genes tend to stay pretty well throughout their lives and die suddenly at older ages, while the other people who do not have the gene are more likely to contract diseases and die sickly at an earlier age.

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