People are ‘programmed’ to love chocolates

November 14th, 2007 - 2:09 am ICT by admin  
The study was conducted by Swiss and British scientists who found that a chemical signature that may be programmed into the metabolic system may be the cause.

Study leader Sunil Kochhar and colleagues studied 11 volunteers who classified themselves as ‘chocolate desiring’ and 11 volunteers who were ‘chocolate indifferent.’

In a controlled clinical study, each subject - all men - ate chocolate or placebo over a five day period while their blood and urine samples were analyzed.

The researchers noted that ‘chocolate lovers’ had a hallmark metabolic profile that involved low levels of LDL-cholesterol (so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol) and marginally elevated levels of albumin, a beneficial protein.

What’s more, the team found that chocolate lovers expressed this profile even when they ate no chocolate, and that the activity of the gut microbes in the chocolate lovers was also distinctively different from the other subjects.

“Our study shows that food preferences, including chocolate, might be programmed or imprinted into our metabolic system in such a way that the body becomes attuned to a particular diet,” says Kochhar, a scientist with Nestl

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