New Study says Red Yeast Rice may lower cholesterol

June 16th, 2009 - 10:07 pm ICT by GD  

According to a new study revelations, red yeast rice may be the answer to many people’s prayer to lead a cholesterol free healthy life. The study reveals that the red yeast rice supplements, when taken along with a healthy diet routine , can work wonders for the patients who suffer from LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol.

The June 16 issue of the “Annals of Internal Medicine” published the new study report from physicians in Pennsylvania. Their study stated that an experimented conducted on a small group of cholesterol ridden patients who cannot take Statin drugs,yielded positive results. A considerable lowering in the cholesterol level was noticed among the experimental group.

Most patients get the drug ’statin’ prescribed in their everyday medicine routine to help keep the cholesterol level under check. For those who wants to steer clear of the drug, the other viable option is the red yeast rice. For people who suffer from muscle cramps induced by medicines,the rice substitute is an healthy option. The result of the success of the natural alternative has not been proven yet.

Red yeast rice has been the staple diet of many countries in the Asian region. The red yeast rice is extracted from a fungus that grows on rice. It has been a widely used ingredient in Chinese medicine for a really long time now. The red yeast rice contains a number of compounds like monacolin and lovastatin; two drugs, that are known to considerably lower the rate of production of cholesterol in the liver.

Since the sample test was performed on a very small group, the result too is limited. Only more wide spread study will be able to shed light on the authenticity of the study.

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