Natural Sperm Enhancers For A Better Sex Life

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By Meena Kar
manJan 16, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Many men suffer from the problem of lack of sperm production. That is not only a biological problem but it also attributes to problematic social life and lack of confidence. Lack of sperm production, may result from infected semen, sitting in hot tub for long hours before sex or obesity. However, there are many ways in which sperm count can be enhanced by natural means and thereby making sex life more fun-filled and satisfactory.

The best way to enhance the sperm count is to have healthy diet each day. Make sure that your diet is enriched with zinc. This mineral facilitates in increasing the quality of testosterone production. Food that contain a good amount of zinc are oysters, lamp meat, any red meat, pumpkin seeds and nuts. Research have stated that oysters also contain a substance called dopamine that enhances sexual drives in men. Another mineral that increases sperm count is selenium. It may be available from chicken, tuna, eggs and paneer (cottage cheese). Fresh Celery contains a component called androsterone. This substance also stimulates sexual desire and increases sperm count. Vitamin C, E and B12 oriented food substances, like broccoli, red meat, eggs, chicken and fruits like guava and kiwi, can also serve the same purpose. Almost every green vegetables and citrus fruits are lusciously filled with a substance called folic acid. This is said to be a good sperm count enhancer.

If one wants to resort to medicinal means then there are several pills, with natural base that are available in the market. Some of them are completely safe with the least side effects. Resort to them under proper guidance from a medical expert. However, there are a few things that should be avoided if one wants to increase the sperm count. One of them is cutting down smoking, as it may also lead to erectile dysfunction.

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