Mediterranean Diet

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Mediterranean Diet Diets have always been fads among the young and health conscious. Mediterranean diets have surpassed all others and have gained praise from the nutritionists and home gourmets alike. It is touted as the healthiest menu for people from any walk of life. Mediterranean diet have gained this popularity based on a study released Tuesday in the online edition of the British Medical Journal.

The study took an aim at the question occurring on many minds; what is it about the Mediterranean menu that makes it so healthy?

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and the University of Athens Medical School in Greece looked for the possible answers. They compared the health of the participants who were on a Mediterranean diet. It was found out that more than the complete diet it was certain food items which contributed to the bulk of nutrients. According to the authors the analysis “indicates that the dominant components of the Mediterranean diet score as a predictor of lower mortality are moderate consumption of (alcohol), low consumption of meat and meat products, and high consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts, olive oil, and legumes.”

But there are certain loopholes in this diet plan which needs to be countered. The absence of dairy products coupled with the high consumption of fish and cereals doesn’t offer a balanced diet. Authors guarded their view by pointing out that this diet can’t be universally applicable. Nutritionists also supported them by opining that a component by component analysis of the diet will not work.

“One of the strengths of the Mediterranean diet is what it does not contain: high amounts of sugar and preservatives,” said New York-based weight and nutrition expert Dr. Jana Klauer. Even doctors aver to this belief.

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