Epididymitis : Infection Speeding Up

June 21st, 2009 - 8:33 pm ICT by GD  

Epididymitis Leading to sterility and cancer, Epididymitis is an infection in men, both young and old. It is possible that one gets the disease from a groin injury, heavy lifting and straining, as well as not passing urine on time. An inflammation on the Epididymitis, which is tube like organ at the back of the testicle, is known as Epididymitis. This disease is generally caused due to the bacterial organisms that are present in the organ due to urinary tract infection or can be sexually-transmitted also at times. Therefore, getting oneself tested after unprotected sex is crucial.

The symptoms of the disease are slight fever, chill, and heavy sensation in the testicles which later on develops into swelling of the scrotum and pain in the area, thus making urinating painful.

If treated appropriately and on time then chances are that the pain improves within 1-3 days, however, the swelling may take several weeks to vanish. Doctors treat the disease with Antibiotics either through shots or pills by mouth. However, if treated at later stages then it can result in infertility and chronic pain. It is also advised that in order to decrease the pain one can take bed-rest or even take warm tub soaks. To catch hold of the disease doctors advice individuals to get a blood test and ultrasound test done.

Websites are instructing individuals with having symptoms of epididymitis to reduce the risk of spreading the infection. It is good to avoid sexual intercourse until one can be examined by a doctor.

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