Early Alzheimer’s Develops In Critical Brain Region And Then Spreads, Study Reveals

November 5th, 2010 - 7:31 pm ICT by GD  

By Gina Gomez
laxarNov 5, (THAINDIAN NEWS) A research that was undertaken by a group of American scientists has pointed out that Alzheimer’s disease might initially develop in a particular area of the brain and then it gradually spreads to the other regions. The study which was carried out by scientists at the San Francisco based Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease has deciphered many crucial details about the degenerative condition which might play a significant role in designing new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.

Following the study, researchers concluded that the region of the brain which is known as entorhinal cortex is affected by Alzheimer’s disease during its onset and from here, it gradually expands its damaging effects to the other parts of the brain. The results of the research highlight that the plaques amyloid-beta peptides, which develop in the brain of the patients suffering from the condition and cause the loss of memory, first grow in the entorhinal cortex and then it spreads to the rest of the region of the brain. While divulging details of the study, researcher Julie Harris, who was intricately associated with it, stated that if the therapies are directed towards the entorhinal cortex during the initial stages of the disease then its spread to the rest of the brain can be easily hindered.

However, researchers have warned that further experiments need to be conducted to ascertain whether the results hold true in humans as the research was conducted on mice. The findings of the study came to light after it was published in the journal Neuron on November 4.

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