Dr Oz: Five Habits Which Make You Fat

October 5th, 2011 - 5:01 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Oct 4 (THAINDIAN NEWS) On today’s ‘Dr Oz Show’, the doctor focused on habits which many people have which keep them from losing weight. These bad habits must be recognized, and stopped before one can go on to successful dieting and healthy eating. Dr Oz insists that once you are aware of these habits, and make an effort to change them, then you can become a much healthier person who makes better eating choices.

The first bad habit which Dr Oz shared that sabotages a diet is Low Fat Dieting, or putting too much stock in low fat labels. These labels are very misleading, because although the fat content may be less, the calorie, sugar, and flour content is often much higher. Dr Oz showed that low fat cookies actually only had three calories less per cookie than others, yet those who eat them think it is okay to eat more, since they are “low fat.” Low Fat is not necessarily better for you.

Another bad habit Dr Oz pointed out is eating in groups. He showed that people tend to eat much moire when they are in a group of friends or family, and do not keep track of how much they are taking in. As a solution, Dr Oz says to be aware of what you eat, and keep pace with the slowest eater there. When you eat slower, it gives the brain time to realize that you are full.

Eating while working, watching television, and more is another bad habit which makes you unaware of how much you are consuming. Keep raw veggies or fruit nearby while working on the computer, watching television, or other multitasking snacking. That also brings us to number four of the bad habits of eating. Never, ever eat out of the bag. There is simply no way to know how much you have taken in.

The last bad habit which Dr Oz warns against is artificial sweeteners. Although most people think that these will help keep our caloric intake lower, they actually cause our taste bugs to become desensitized, and will make us crave more. When we taste the sweetness, our body expects calories. If it does not get any, it will still feel hungry. To stop this from happening people are encouraged to use half real sugar, and half artificial sweeteners.

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