Cheese Boosts The Immune System In Elderly People

May 17th, 2010 - 8:26 pm ICT by GD  

By Ranjan Bhaduri
cheeseTurku, May 17, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Recent studies from University Of Turku in Finland have come up with the conclusion that consumption of cheese boosts the immune system of the elderly lot. Reportedly, cheese when consumed in human body acts as a pro biotic bacteria carrier which in due course of the process helps the immune system to stay strong and functional.

FEMS Immunology And Medical Microbiology journal is of the opinion that a person who consumes cheese on a daily basis is at better immune standards than all others who do not consume cheese. As a matter of fact, it is the consumption of cheese which prepares the immune system to efficiently tackle any and all changes which is witnessed in the body as a person grows old. The study called upon volunteers in between the age group of 72 and 103 who were asked to consume Probiotic Gouda Cheese along with their breakfast on a daily basis. Later, blood samples were collected so as to measure the level of Pro Biotic bacteria contained within the cheese in the blood.

Dr Fandi Ibrahim who happens to be the author of the medical journal told the media that it is cheese which has pro biotic bacteria present inside it on a ready basis. Hence consumption of cheese is beneficial for the immune system of a human being. The study also underlines the fact that any chances of “Immunosenescene” (Deterioration Of Human Immune System Due To Age) can be avoided or lessened with daily consumption of cheese. What “Immunosenescene” does is that it renders the immune system inactive against tumor cells which in turn makes it non-responsive towards vaccines.

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