A number of Strabismus cases have been found in Iran

May 6th, 2009 - 3:29 am ICT by GD  

In a recent study it has been found out that a number of children are suffering from Strabismus or have some other kind of major refractive errors. The research was done on 815 six-year-old children who were randomly selected from the general masses in Shahrood, Iran. The research did not include children who were already suffering from congenital blindness.

One of the researchers has noted that more emphasis must be given on the section of society that is experiencing relatively “high rate of hyperopia and astigmatism.” The startling results that have come out of the study indicate the need for proper diagnostic centers where therapy and treatment can be done to cure these errors. The research has got results where it has calculated that the prevalence of diminished visual acuity was 3.6%. The other errors that were studied are stereopsis, ocular alignment, Amblyopia, cover testing and cycloplegic refraction.

Strabismus is a condition of the eyes where the eyes are not aligned properly. More simply described, in such cases there is lack of coordination between the extra ocular muscles. This situation prevents the gaze of each eye to the same direction and hence it prevents binocular vision. In another explanation some experts think that Strabismus is caused due to a disorder in the coordination between the brain and the eyes. In some cases the situation becomes very severe because the individuals suffering from the error are unable to have proper depth perception.

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