Youtube spoof shows Hitler as a Newcastle fan

September 29th, 2008 - 7:17 pm ICT by ANI  

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London, Sept.29 (ANI): Beleaguered Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has an unlikely supporter . . . Adolf Hitler. But hang on, the praise is merely an Internet spoof carried out by YouTube pranksters.
The subtitled Oscar-nominated film won plaudits for portraying the final days in Hitlers Berlin bunker as the Allies close in.
But millions of net users have been left laughing at Hitlers expense by the pranksters craze for putting fake subtitles littered with swear words on the film.
Instead of angrily addressing his generals about the dire situation in Berlin, one version has him bursting with rage about Toon fans hounding boss Ashley out of Newcastle United.
In other recent spoofs of the film, Hitler hits the roof when he finds out Cristiano Ronaldo is being sold to Real Madrid.
He is shown going crazy at Labours by-election disaster in Glasgow East and losing the rag when his generals change his broadband supplier and get him tied into a 12-month contract.
He is also seen exploding with contempt about Barack Obamas visit to Berlin.
In the Ronaldo clip, a Manchester United-supporting Hitler lets fly with a string of expletives as his generals inform him: Sir, I, er, sir Ronaldo is to be sold to Real Madrid in the next few days. He has requested a transfer to the biggest team in the world.
Hitler blasts: That overpaid greasy-faced little **** has dared to turn his back on the mighty Reds. He was **** all before Sir Alex signed him.
When his generals say that all is not lost and they still have Nani, Hitler spits back: Nani? Hes a poor mans Michael Jackson lookalike. Hes a piece of useless ****.
In the version about presidential hopeful Obama visiting Berlin, Hitler says: A gathering of a few student mingers in Che Guevara T-shirts. Who cares?
On Labour losing in Glasgow East, a catatonic Hitler rages: This is all that grinning **** Blairs fault.
The craze for tinkering with Downfalls subtitles started in Spain in 2006, when a computer programmer changed a rant from the original film to instead rail against a flight simulator.
Shortly after, a Brit posted a version about his Xbox Live subscription being cancelled. The clip has now been viewed 2,959,881 times.
But the Hitler series really took off with the Fuhrer learning about Sheffield United then managed by Neil Warnock being relegated at the expense of West Ham. But the movies makers, Constantine Film, have failed to see the funny side of the clips and threatened the jokers with legal action. (ANI)

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