What kind of Facebook user are you?

February 1st, 2011 - 6:37 pm ICT by ANI  

Facebook London, Feb 1 (ANI): A research has found that there are basically six types of users on Facebook.

Here’s a quiz, complied by online giftcards company Suga Lumps, which will tell you which kind of user you are, reports the Telegraph.

a) How many friends do you have on Facebook?

1) less than 50

2) 50 - 200

3) 200 - 400

4) 400 - 800

b) What is your profile picture on Facebook most likely to be?

1) me and my family

2) just me

3) how I’d like to look or who I’d like to meet

4) my logo

5) an angel, nature, or animal picture

c) When are you on Facebook?

1) I log in once in a while

2) anytime, I use my blackberry / iPhone

3) every day

4) late at night

5) first thing Monday through Friday

d) Do you visit other’s Facebook pages?

1) only people that I really know

2) never

3) when they first become my friend to check them out

4) never

5) I try to visit as many as I can, often

e) Do you tag other people in photos?

1) never

2) once in a while

3) very often

f) Do you share posts from other people’s walls?

1) never

2) very often

3) if it’s funny

4) if it’s a cause that I’m interested in

5) if it has a positive message

g) Do you play any Facebook games?

1) Cityville

2) not interested

3) I don’t have time

4) Mafia Wars

5) Farmville

6) Texas Hold Em Poker

7) I try them all

8) I send gifts to people

h) Most often your Facebook wall consists of:

1) family photos

2) pictures of whatever I’m doing at the time sent via my iPhone

3) what’s happening at work

4) hugs, gift apps, music

5) funny pictures, music, anything that I want to pass on

6) links to stories which I find interesting

Add the corresponding answer numbers.

8-15 you’re ‘Friends and Family’

15-20 you’re ‘All About Me’

20-25 you’re most likely a ‘Business Body’

25-30 you’re ‘Looking for Love’

over 30 you’re a ‘Do Gooder’ or a ‘Feel Gooder’ (ANI)

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