Ultimate tea diet makes ripples in diet channels

June 14th, 2008 - 12:43 am ICT by David M N James  

A leading expert on diet who works for a leading authority on tea, revealed the potential health benefits of the ancient herbal drink. Tea is being regarded an ultimate diet remedy. “Dr. Tea” has shown to various parties how people around the globe are losing weight and staying healthy with his Ultimate Tea Diet. This remedy helps people loose weight and maintains healthy physiques. Tea has been described as a healthy drink and remedy by many medical practitioners.

Questions are lingering about which type of tea is being hyped and how they can obtain. Emails and comments on the various channels that have featured this item have bombarded these stations with queries on how to use tea as a diet remedy. The feature has been presented recently by Regis and Kelly in New York who hosted Dr Tea who gave a recipe on how to make a meal with tea. The channel which these presenters are available is liveregisandkelly.com. It is an easy how to site and a great resource to diet knowledge seekers. The website features other necessary diet resource making easy for those who are anxious for the tea recipes which can help them loose weight. Tea has been named as a key element of helping reduce heart diseases and a stimulant. It helps regulate the body system and keeps the mind relaxed. Tea is a health drink and it is increasing becoming a very important part of diet.

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