Trial of Anand Jon to begin on Sept 3

August 7th, 2008 - 4:39 pm ICT by ANI  

Los Angeles, Aug 7 (ANI): The trial of Indian fashion designer Anand Jon is set to begin on Sept 3. The question being raised by many however, is whether the truth will come out and justice served.

Jon, who has been in LA County jail for 12 months due to legal gridlock as New York has refused to grant him a bail hearing, is facing rape charges and sexual battery in two separate cases. quoted JS Bedi, as writing:A fair trial is a wonderful context but more of a satire in Anand Jon’’s case, based on how this has been manipulated and has been anything but fair.

A just trial seems practically impossible when multi-jurisdictions of prosecutors lead by an obsessive CA prosecutor “gang-up” and first raise incredible demands for bail and when that is shot down by the judge - they change the court and thus the judge and then create a legal gridlock with “no bail at all”.

What happens when an Indian-American is accused by white women of assault? The India community is about to find out when Anand Jon goes on trial September 3rd.

The nagging question is will the truth come out and will justice be served?The day is finally here. The day that determines if there is justice in California state courts. The depiction of Justice standing blind holding scales always seemed strange to me. Shouldn”t Justice be wide-awake on Red Bull paying attention to every detail that could potentially send a man to prison unjustifiably?

The Indian community needs to pay close attention to this trial. Any one of our kids could be threatened the same way.

They could be challenged by the bureaucratic dogma that occurs when one of our kids is targeted by, well, anyone.

Targeted by their peers, their enemies, their superiors, their underlings, etc. No matter what position any of us (or our children) are in they can be targeted.

According to a LA Magazine, the investigative journalist Sharon Waxman had the opportunity to comb through the LA grand jury transcripts.

What I took away from the article is that many of the complaining witness” stories on face value were too incredible to be truthful. Many were implausible. Many were improbable.

Some defied the laws of physics and time travel causing Mr. Jon to be in multiple places at one time. This article, for me, lends credibility to what I”ve been professing all along as I sit in the courtroom, he added. (ANI)

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