Top 10 technologies that can improve morning commute

January 26th, 2009 - 5:38 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, January 26 (ANI): A laser-based system called LightLane, which can help keep cyclists safe from fast moving vehicles, is being proposed as one of the newest technologies that can improve that morning commute.
The system clearly mark, in bright red lights, where car lanes end and bike lanes begin, helping keep cyclists safe even at night when reflective devices don”t quite cut it.
Second top new technology in the same field is for the benefit of commuters who have to choose between breakfast and catching the bus, reports Fox News.
Companies like TransitTracker keep tags on buses and trains so that people can track them online or on their cell phones.
The system follows a commuters ride’’s actual location not an estimated schedule so that he/she knows exactly when it will arrive at his/her station or stop.
Third on the list is an ingenious iPhone application called iNap, which involves the phones in-built GPS device to track a sleeping commuters location, and set off an alarm to wake him up when he is near his destination.
Following is the Attention Assist technology, through which Mercedes-Benz is planning to manage fatigue, which it says is the cause of most accidents.
The technology reads telltale signals, such as the way one is steering and braking, monitoring ones sleepiness and flashing an alert when the person seems too tired.
Wrapping up the top five was a program being developed by Enter Nissan, which will sense obstacles and incoming vehicles, instantly reacting to avert a crash.
It uses a laser to give it 360 degrees of protection, modelled on a bumblebee’’s compound eyes that can see in most directions.
The technology has not been worked into an auto yet, and currently remains housed inside a duck-sized robot.
Sixth on the list was IntelliDrive, which is aimed at allowing vehicle-to-vehicle interaction, so that if a car brakes suddenly, it could transmit a signal to cars behind, allowing drivers or computers to brake in time.
It was followed by an Audi-sponsored technology called Travolution, which lets a car communicate with traffic systems, and determine when lights will turn green, allowing the driver to coast through intersections.
It even calculates the speed the driver should maintain to get to lights at the right time, something that can help ease up and achieve better fuel economy.
Eighth on the list was a technology that can allow to charge music players and other small electronics just by shaking them.
Another top idea would be to design high-tech parking spots that can alert people when they are empty via e-mails or text messages.
Wrapping up the top 10 was an idea to make self-parking cars. Ford is said to have embraced self-parking technology, and plans to equip two of its 2010 models with cameras and sensors that let their Lincolns do the work for you.
Top 10 newest gadgets and applications bent on improving that morning commute:
1.LightLane 2.TransitTracker 3.iNap 4.Attention Assist 5.Biomimetic Robot 6.IntelliDrive 7.Travolution 8.Shake It 9.Meter-Mail 10.Self-parking cars (ANI)

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