The dos and don”t to being the ”ultimate dating queen” (Re-issue)

August 4th, 2008 - 4:10 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Aug 4 (ANI): Has your dream guy finally asked you out? You”re happy but questions like what to wear and what to say to him still shuddering your mind? Well, don”t lose your nerves, for two leading experts have come to your rescue.
Greg Behrendt, the author of hit girlie manual ”He’’s Just Not That Into You” and his co-author wife Amiira have come up with their new book ”It’’s Just a Date” that offers tips for your first date and its follow up.
The book is jam-packed with straight-talking tips on how to bag your man.
“It’’s Just A First Date prescribes that you play to win. That means that even though a first date isn”t a big deal, you should still be on your game and try,” the Sun quoted Greg, as saying.
Follow these first date dos and don”ts:
1) Be ready on time
Being late is a great way to tell people that their time isn”t as valuable as yours.
2) Eat an actual meal!
He picked the restaurant because he likes the food, so see if he’’s got good taste. Come on, you know you”re hungry.
3) Compliment him
Tell him you like the restaurant, or his shirt, or that he asked you out. Planning a date is stressful and he should be applauded for knowing you are worth asking out.
4) Let him pay
If he asked you out, then he pays. If he’’s really sweating over the bill you can offer to split it but only if you think he’’s in over his head. You don”t want to embarrass him.
5) Don”t go back to his
If he suggests watching a DVD back at his, tell him you”d rather see a movie together at the cinema first. And don”t have sex with him yet - most guys who like a girl are only hoping for a kiss.
6) Leave the room early
This means leaving him wanting more. The best way to ensure a second date is leaving a first one on a high note. So if he suggests stopping for coffee after a great dinner and drinks, say no - even if it’’s really a yes inside. It”ll make him think about you because he didn”t get enough.
First date follow-up
“The first date is either a beginning or ending, but what happens next? You only know how the date went for you and his impression of the night might be totally different from yours,” Greg said.
Here’’s what to do before date two:
1) Don”t wait by the phone
Stay away from the phone, instant messenger, blackberry, iPhone and savour the date for 24 hours. Most guys aren”t expecting you to make the next move, and often when you do it backfires, so wait for him.
2) Don”t let your mind run away with you
Take a minute to realise that it would be great if he called but if he doesn”t it’’s no big deal. Every time you get fixated about the date, repeat the mantra ”It’’s just a date, so let it go.”
3) If he doesn”t call
If he doesn”t call after two days he’’s doing his usual guys stuff and is either wondering when’’s the right time to call or has decided not to. Just get on with your life. If he hasn”t called in the first week it’’s not good news. Be sad for a moment, call a friend and move on to the next date.
4) If he texts but doesn”t call
If a guy does this it means he almost wants a second date. Texting says ”I”m kind of into you” but calling says ”I want to hear your voice”. It’’s up to you to tell him getting to know you happens over the phone or in person.
5) If he contacts you after three weeks
Getting in touch by text or email after a few weeks means he probably wants a booty call or maybe he was seeing someone else and it didn”t work out. He doesn”t deserve a second date. (ANI)

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