Teleportation may soon be a reality!

June 22nd, 2009 - 1:39 pm ICT by ANI  

Sydney, June 22 (ANI): Australian scientists have developed a new method for transmitting data with light that may lead to the development of teleportation technology and super-fast quantum computers.

According to a report in, the research team, from the Australian National University, developed a new approach to generating quantum entanglement in beams of light using only two parts.

Quantum entanglement is a process in which two objects are linked together in such a way that any changes to the properties of one can be measured from the other regardless of the distance between them.

This process of linking particles has existed for a few years, but according to team leader Dr Jiri Janousek, this new method allows it to be achieved in a much simpler way.

“Usually, when you want to generate entanglement you need a lot of sources of light and a lot of receivers but we found a way to use only one source and one receiver to generate and measure entanglement,” Dr Janousek said.

Dr Janousek and his team’s new method involves entangling two specially modified beams of light so that changes to the amplitude or phase of one beam can be measured with the other.

Dr Janousek said that by only using two parts, it allows the technology to be more easily scaled up opening a number of potential uses in technologies ranging from computing, communications and even teleportation.

“This finding is one more piece in the puzzle towards the future realisation of quantum computers, which would be many times faster and more powerful than existing computers,” he said.

“For teleportation, you again need a source of entangled beams; so in effect, it could be used for teleportation as well,” he added.

But, Dr Janousek said that it will be a while before this technology works its way into any consumer devices.

“We always talk about 50 years as where we could get real machines that could use the technologies which we have developed so far,” he said. (ANI)

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