‘Survive on 500 calories a day’ - HCG diet

August 26th, 2008 - 7:07 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

HCG diet is a new way of dieting , quite a lot of celebrities use it, one of them is Britney Spears, announced last week which made people become more curious about HCG diet.

“The HCG diet consists of a very low calorie diet and treatments of HCG that is administered through oral suspension or injections. It has been said that the diet actually helps people to understand the consumption of food and why it is important to only consume proportion sizes. HCG is what women produce in the placenta during pregnancy”

Some people might wonder whether it will have dangerous effects on our health later, regarding it’s website “The HCG diet does not take away from your muscles or vitamins in the body but instead it strips away the fat that has been stored in your body”. It is said to help clients to loss 3 pounds per day.

How is it possible for a person to survive on only 500 calories ( 0.5 Kcal) a day, the HCG diet experts claimed that for the first few days on diet you will feel hungry, after the first two weeks of being on the diet, hunger will sustain and you will get full after consuming very less amount of food.

Before considering to take the drug, some might think if the drug really works, people will no more bother about food for health and exercises and is that the best way for diet.
of course it might not, since we all have learn from we were born that exercise is the best medicine.

However, since the weight loss is virtually guaranteed. Sure, it is unhealthy and you will not be able to keep it up, but you will lose weight if you starve yourself.

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