Soon, Smart Goggles that can find anything from your missing keys to iPods

March 13th, 2008 - 4:57 pm ICT by admin  

London, March 13 (ANI): Soon, you wont have to go through the regular painstaking and irritating routine of searching for your missing car keys, thanks to Smart Goggle, which can track down any misplaced item.

A team of Japanese scientists, led by Yasuo Kuniyoshi at the Tokyo University School of Information Science and Technology, has come up with a secretive artificial intelligence project codenamed Smart Goggle, which they claim can help search anything from a remote control, to mobile phone or iPod.

According to the scientists, one just needs to tell the glasses what he or she is searching for. Following the voice command, the Smart Goggle plays into their eye a video of the last few seconds they saw that missing item.

A small camera rests on the glasses making constant record of everything the wearer sees. The tiny display inside the glasses spots what is being checked and a small readout immediately announces what the computer thinks the object most likely is.

Professor Kuniyoshi said that the extraordinary property of the glasses doesnt lie in its hardware, but the computer algorithm that allows the goggles to know instantly what they are seeing.

He said that if the wearer roams around the house for about an hour telling the goggles the name of everything from a coathanger to the kitchen sink, they would retain the information.

And if at some point in the future, the wearer asks them where they last saw a particular item, they will play the suitable footage, reports Times Online.

Professor Kuniyoshi describes his goggles as the ultimate link between the real world and the cyber world and maintains that his invention could finally be loaded with vast quantities of data from the Internet.

He said that with that huge database installed, the glasses might actually retain much more information about what the wearer is seeing than the wearer himself.

This information could include species of animal, technical specifications of vehicles and electronics, or even the identity of people, he added. (ANI)

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