Soldiers to use shock-absorbent gel to stop bullets

February 28th, 2009 - 1:28 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Feb 28 (ANI): Scientists have invented a new shock-absorbent bullet-busting gel that locks instantly into a solidified form when it is hit at high impact, which could be fitted inside soldiers helmets, making them impenetrable.

According to a report in New Scientist, scientist Richard Palmer invented the D3O shock absorbing material, with funding from the Ministry of Defence (MOD), UK Government.

It is hoped that the shock-absorbing substance will soon be fitted onto the inside of soldiers helmets, reducing in half the kinetic energy of a bullet or piece of shrapnel and hopefully making them impenetrable.

The gel locks instantly into a solidified form when it is hit at high impact.

When moved slowly, the molecules will slip past each other, but in a high-energy impact they will snag and lock together, becoming solid, said Palmer. In doing so they absorb energy, he added.

The d3O gel has already expanded into a range of sporting goods and is found in ski gloves, shin guards, ballet shoe pointes and horse-riding equipment.

The substance relies on intelligent molecules that shock lock together to absorb energy and create a solid pad. Once the pressure has gone they return to their normal flexible state.

The gel is stitched into clothing or equipment that is supple until it stiffens into a protective barrier on impact.

If the product is taken on by defence contractors, it could be used to reduce the current bulky and restrictive armour used by troops in on the frontline with gel pads inserted into key protective areas. (ANI)

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