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Savannah Cat Have you heard about A1 Savannahs, formerly New Horizon Bengals, famous cattery which started breeding Savannah Cats in the late 1980’s? We will look closely at Savannah Cats, meaning, talk about their origin, lifestyle, food habits, disposition.

They are a hybrid from Bengal cat and African wildcat known as servals. If you look at a Savannah cat you will find resemblances to the servals, in terms of physical appearances, however, if you talk about behavior, then they hold proximity to Bengal Cats which are more tamed and friendly. They have a playful and outgoing nature, at the sametime, you cannot ignore their intelligence and alertness. Not a bad idea to have a pet like the Savannah cat.

Are you keen to know about its physical features? Lets go through some features which might seem interesting to you. They are taller compared to domestic cats, having long and thin, but muscular legs. One distinguished feature of the Savannah Cat is its long and slender neck. Their ears are considerably large and eyes are almond shaped. Their coats have variety in terms of texture starting from black, brown spotted many other, but the eye color is derived out of the coat. Since the cats are friendly, outgoing, full of energy, love splashing in the water, taming as such is not much of a concern, but you should introduce the pet to the family members slowly. Try keeping the kitten away from other animals for 2 weeks. Transition from the breeders place to a new family becomes difficult if their is sudden change in diet, so try sticking to the raw food consisting of 1/3 protein.

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