Redback Spiders strike at a Queensland Hospital

April 24th, 2008 - 12:19 am ICT by amritpal  

Redback SpiderBaralaba hospital in Queensland, Australia has been plagued by redback spiders that have mushroomed apparently due to the warm weather. The health officials said keeping in mind the safety of patients, they have decided to close down the hospital for a day and get the place fumigated. One of the officials has admitted that there has always been a problem with redback spiders, but this one has aggravated to an extent that they have to close down for a day. The Hospital in located 200 miles north of Brisbane in the Queensland state’s Banana Shire town.

The spiders scientifically referred to as latrodectus hasselti, have a red stripe on their back, are about 4 centimeters long and very common in Queensland. A cousin of bladk widow spiders (Their bite has not been recorded fatal for last 50 years, but it is known that its sting is poisonous causes chronic pain.

The officials had been spraying the area with chemicals five times a week, but the efforts had failed to control the deady insects. From ceilings till floors, they were to be found everywhere. The pest controllers said that their sudden breeding had occurred due to the wet and humid weather, which gives an excellent breeding ground to the species.

The Baralaba Hospital is expected to remain closed on Thursday and will be resuming on Friday.

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