Plain Janes genetically tuned to prey on handsome hunks

November 27th, 2007 - 1:00 pm ICT by admin  

London , Nov 27(ANI): Scientists have revealed that ugly women are more likely to prey on handsome hunks so that their children have better chance of being born good-looking.

This in turn means that their offspring will eventually get more opportunities to reproduce owing to their attractiveness.

Human behaviour experts from the Department of Anthropology at Poland s University studied single women and carried out a major review of previous work on the subject.

However, beautiful women are less bothered about their lovers looks because their kids have a head start. Instead, wealth and social status are their priorities.

It can be hypothesized that women with higher waist-to-hip ratio, i.e. less attractive ones, may more intensively hunt for genes related to attractiveness to increase their offsprings chance to be more attractive and to have a greater chance of reproductive success, The Sun quoted the researchers, as saying.

The findings slam the long-held theory that attractive people such as Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are only ever drawn together.

But they do explain why someone like TVs Ugly Betty, played by actress America Ferrari, can date fit fellas.

The study concluded that plainer women seek out sexy partners who look hunky and healthy.

Previous studies on sexual attraction have shown men find women with a moderate waist-to-hip ratio most sexy.

Psychologists believe that it puts emphasis on the difference between the sexes. An hour-glass figure contrasts with a boyish straight up and down shape.

The research has just been published in respected journal Evolution and Human Behaviour. (ANI)

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