Photographic evidence indicates Noah’s Ark may be encrusted in Mount Ararat in Anatolia

August 3rd, 2009 - 2:18 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, August 3 (ANI): The photographic and physical evidence of a large object encrusted in Mount Ararat in Anatolia, is giving supporters of the Noah’s Ark, which is believed to have saved people from the great flood in ancient times, new hope for the authenticity of the biblical event.

According to a report in the Epoch Times, Chinese text narrations also indicate that Noah’s ark may have finally come to rest on Mount Ararat.

In the beginning of 2006, University of Richmond professor Porcher Taylor declared that according to an extensive study made over years of satellite photography, there is a foreign object encrusted in the area northeast of the mountain, the length of which coincides perfectly with that of the arc recounted in the Bible.

Such satellite images from above Ararat have inspired the curiosity of a great number of scientists since this declaration was made in 1974.

Several expeditions of investigators also managed to rescue remains of petrified wood, as well as 13 strong anchors of rock in the area surrounding the supposed location of the possible archeological treasure.

Ultrasonic tests have also been made, revealing a very odd structure embedded in the rock.

In spite of the multiplicity of texts from diverse cultures which tell the story of a great ancient flood, the magnitude and duration of such an event seems to be a point of argument, even among those who believe that such an event actually occurred.

Thus, while a small number of researchers suggest that this flood covered the entire Earth in vast amounts of water, most geologists agree that such a scenario is an impossibility.

While not everyone believes ancient accounts that describe the re-creation of humanity from the salvation of a handful of people, it would seem that a climatic catastrophe actually did take place across the entire planet several millennia ago.

One of the more dramatic hypotheses proposed that the planet could have been covered with water up to its highest points.

These “flood supporters” calculate that if the geography of Earth went through a leveling out in its surface-the mountains being lowered, the sea troughs being elevated-then the entire Earth would be covered by thousands of feet of water.

According to researchers, it can be safely assumed that an indefinite number of human beings in elevated locations had the capacity to continue civilization, and to transmit the story of the occurrence to later generations. (ANI)

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