Peacock abandoning habitat near Pune

April 21st, 2008 - 2:56 pm ICT by admin  

Morachi Chincholi (Pune), April 21 (ANI): Residents of Morachi Chincholi Village near Pune are deeply upset since the peafowl, who are viewed as part of the family by them, have started deserting their village following an acute water shortage.
Morachi Chincholi Village, located just 65 kilometers from Pune city, had a scanty rainfall this year and is presently facing water shortage.
The village has been known as a natural habitat for the Indian National bird. It is believed this village is home to over 2,000 magnificent winged beauties.
A hillock in this village has a flock of stately peacocks moving around in leisurely fashion. They come to human settlements in the village in search of food and people revere them.
The local villagers hold these peacocks in high esteem. Everyone ensures that the stately birds are never harmed by anyone.
“We feed the peafowl which come in the morning and evening. We ensure that these gentle creatures don’t come to any harm. We revere the peafowl, but the paucity of water is making their survival a tough prospect,” said Dinesh, one villager.
Concerned over the drop in the population of the beautiful winged creatures, the villagers have pleaded with the government to convert the village into a tourist destination to preserve and save these avian beauties.
“They have been here for 50 years now, but due to the acute water shortage these peacocks are leaving Morachi Chincholi Village. The government does not pay any heed. We need to preserve the environment. Why don’t people understand this? There is need to conserve environment and protect it by ensuring adequate water supply. Being the national bird, all of us need to save them,” said Prakash Dhumal, a Social Woker in the village.
The peacock is polygamous by nature and can mate with up to six peahens at a time. The number of eggs laid falls between four and eight and the incubation period lasts for around 28 days. (ANI)

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