Now, an improved indoor compostor that converts food scraps into fertilizer

December 27th, 2007 - 4:34 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, Dec 27 (ANI): Scientists have created a new indoor compostor, which would convert food wastes into fertilizer for plants.

Known as Nature Mill, this device was invented by Russ Cohn, through a series of trial and error R & D (Research and Development).

According to a report in ENN, one can deposit up to 120 lbs of food scraps into the unit each month. For the most efficient results, the creators recommend only small pieces of food to be discarded.

The unit works by keeping the freshly disposed food scraps in the upper chamber under a high temp composting condition. The high temp conditions destroy odors, seed germination and pathogens.

The compost is then shifted into a lower chamber via a trap door where the waste continues to compost.

The process involves mixing air flow, moisture and heat to break down the food efficiently.

Roughly every two weeks, or when the indicator light bears its signal, the cure process is completed and the removable curing tray in the sub compartment is ready to be disposed of. The composted material left over is a rich mixture of concentrated compost fertilizer for the plants in a garden.

The advantage that this new compostor has over previous models is that it can consume waste quickly and without the odors.

Though the aroma produced is mild, similar to sourdough, wet straw or mushrooms, it can be further reduced by balancing the chemistry within by adding the provided small bits of sawdust and baking soda to reduce the acidity.

Apart from that, a small fan continually draws fresh air into the chamber providing a consistent flow of oxygen to the cultures. In addition, a highly effective carbon filter and a constant 140 degree Fahrenheit sauna environment is present to make the unit odorless.

The unit is sleek and small, easily set up in any kitchen, garage, and laundry room or break room for effective management of food waste. (ANI)

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