Now, a headset that works as a wireless two-way communicator

July 31st, 2008 - 3:58 pm ICT by ANI  

New York , July 31 (ANI): Impressed with the action hero whose stylish earphone helps him infiltrate a highly secure enemy facility? Well, then brace yourself for some cool correspondence as similar high-tech spy gear is making its way to the markets.

Sound ID and CallPod now make tiny wireless earpieces that let you and an unseen buddy have a spoken, hands-free conversation.

On such gadget is called the SM100 (, 86 dollars) and the other is the Dragon V2, just released (, 100 dollars).

The Dragon V2 is a Bluetooth headset for cellphones that can also work as a wireless two-way communicator, just like what you might find in the latest action movie.

The SM100 is quite small, a gray oval that nearly hides behind a quarter, with a microphone boom thats so small, its more of a microphone wart. The device weighs four-tenths of an ounce, reports the New York Times.

The Dragon V2 is slightly bigger, its a half-inch-thick circle, the size of a half dollar, available in three finishes. Its also twice as heavy as the SM100, although at nine-tenths of an ounce.

Both the gadgets are meant to be standard Bluetooth cellphone earpieces. First, the earpiece needs to be paired with your cellphone, just for once, thus it would prevent you from answering somebody elses incoming calls and vice versa.

The SM100 involves the usual pressing of improbable button combinations on the earpiece while you fuss with your cellphones Bluetooth pairing menu. On the other hand, Dragon saves you from such confusion, as it enters the pairing mode automatically, the moment you turn it on for the first time.

The SM100 is held in place by a black rubber, tubelike appendage that is supposed to be wedged in the ear canal. A black rubber loop is also provided that needs to be lodged under a cartilage fold above the ear opening. And in case, it tends to fall off an over-ear hook is provided as a backup

Here, the Dragon has an upper hand, what with a more traditional, rubberized, over-ear hook that works comfortably and perfectly on everybody. Its height and orientation (right side, left side) are adjustable.

The SM100 boasts about its sophisticated audio technologies Adaptive Noise Compensation, Advanced Wind Protection, NoiseNavigation, VoiceCapture and so on. One of them, EnvironmentalMode, is supposed to amplify the sound around you, to compensate for the fact that theres a rubber tube blocking your ear canal. (ANI)

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