MRI Brain Scan Can Now Diagnose Autism

December 3rd, 2010 - 7:08 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
autistic-males-lack-neurons-in-the-amygdala-2Dec 3, (THAINDIAN NEWS) A latest study shows that autism can be diagnosed through brain scan. The researchers have reported that they were able to use a magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI machine, to carry out a brain scan, in order to distinguish between the subjects suffering from autism, with those who are not. The early trials stated that in 94% of the cases, their research yielded accurate results.

The conclusions may be drawn with the help of the MRI screen that would reveal the changes in the brain. The study that was conducted by McLean Hospital in Boston and the University of Utah used the MRI machine to study the microscopic fiber structures that make up the brain circuitry. They subjected 60 males with in the age of 8 to 26 in this study, 30 of whom were suffering from high-functioning autism, while the other 30 were not. The males who had autism showed differences in the white matter circuitry in the two parts of the brain’s superior temporal gyrus and the temporal stem. According to the researchers, these two parts of the temporal lobes are sites of language, emotion and social skills. The variation in the brain circuitry determined which subjects had autism and who did not, with almost 94% accuracy.

It also determined that water flows in an organized manner in the left side of the brain, and in a disorganized way in the right side in a healthy person. While, in an autistic person, water flows in an organized way in the right side, while in a disorganized way in the left side of the brain. However, the researchers have also stated that the studies are preliminary and in order to establish its truth with more conviction, the same study has to be applied on a larger group of people.

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