Men More Evolved? Not Really. Its The Y Chromosome

January 14th, 2010 - 7:27 pm ICT by GD  

By Madhuri Dey
chromosomeJan 14, (THAINDIAN NEWS) No matter how backward or even primitive women may consider their opposite sex, a recent study has hinted that they might be losing their chance soon enough. According to the study, it seems that the Y chromosome is the one that evolves fastest among all the other human chromosomes. However, men need not take too much hearty from this observation, nor do women have to be crestfallen, for the rapid evolution of the Y chromosome does not mean that the male sex itself is undergoing rapid development.

The study had been based on the genes of humans and chimpanzees, who are our nearest kin in the ape family. The difference between the two had been studied, and it had been found that the Y chromosomes of the two registered a 30% difference. The difference is about 2% more than that registered between the other genes of the two species. More starting is the fact that the evolution has taken place over the period of a mere 6 million years, which is but the time taken to bat an eyelid when it comes to evolution of a species.

Moreover, the study records that the evolution of the Y chromosome in the humans register a difference more than the other genes by 2%. In fact, the scientists have noticed that the Y chromosome keeps evolving constantly. Moreover, the genes were so very different in the two species that the human one has been recorded to have entirely new sections. However, there is a catch. The chimpanzee chromosomes have not been completely explored, only the Y and the 21 chromosomes have been. So, that leaves some doubt in the position of the Y chromosome as the fastest evolving one.

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