Leadership ability, not race or gender, will decide next Democratic presidential nominee

April 27th, 2008 - 11:15 am ICT by admin  

Washington, April 27 (ANI): A new survey in the US has suggested that leadership ability, not race or gender, is the primary motivator for minority female Democrats for their selection of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee.
In the first survey conducted to explore the political interest and mindsets of minority females, nine out of ten female democrats have said that they will choose their candidate based on leadership abilities.
In fact, the majority (19 percent) have said that integrity is the most important leadership characteristic.
On the other hand, less than 10 percent of African-American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander and Native American female Democrats admit that race (2.7 percent) or gender (6 percent) are the primary motivators for selecting the next presidential candidate.
According to Jane E. Smith, executive director of LEADS at Spelman College, a leadership development center for women, “Contrary to the sensational headlines, this survey shows that minority women are looking beyond the surface of race and gender.”
Integrity (19 percent), ability to make changes (nearly 15 percent) and experience (almost 13 percent) are the top three characteristics. Inclusiveness and intelligence complete the top five at 11 percent each.
“When facing critical issues such as healthcare, the economy and the war in Iraq, leadership demands integrity, which is represented not only by words, but by thoughts and actions,” she added.
However, the study confirms other national polls stating that African-American women are more likely to select Obama, while Hispanics and other minority women prefer Clinton.
While Clinton supporters (51 percent) cite her experience as the top reason they would vote for her, Obama supporters say he is the one who best represents change (21 percent).
Obama supporters believe he understands the issues (13.4 percent) more than Clinton supporters believe she does (9.4 percent).
Also, Obama supporters (9.4 percent) are more likely than Clinton supporters (1.8 percent) to believe their candidate “will make America better.”
Obama constituents (4.7 percent) cite he has a better chance of winning the presidential election compared to the number of Clinton supporters (3.8 percent) who believe she can win. (ANI)

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