How to turn a man’s voice into a woman’s

November 1st, 2009 - 2:27 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, November 01 (ANI): A man raising his pitch to emulate a woman’s voice may be a fruitless effort, a leading speech pathologist has suggested.

James Dembowski has been working with a middle-aged transgendered woman, born as a boy, to help her use her male vocal anatomy to speak in a womanly way.

Men generally speak at the pitch of around 130 hertz while woman around 200 hertz, however, a lot of women also have lower voices, according to the expert.

It is also known that boys’ voices generally crack and drop when they reach puberty, as rising levels of testosterone change the anatomy of their vocal cords.

Accordingly, older female-to-male transgendered individuals taking hormone supplements experience similar changes.

However, when a man decides to become a woman, his vocal anatomy stays fixed and old speech habits have to be unlearned.

Dembowski said about her client “Ms.J”: “She did not want a high-pitched voice or some kind of ditzy-sounding voice.

“As a successful academic in a local university, she posed an interesting challenge. She wanted to sound feminine but not stereotypical.”

Dembowski recorded his client as the therapy progressed and analyzed the speech quantitatively.

He finally reached the conclusion that some of the features are easier to change than others.

He ended that a biologically male human can speak in a woman’s voice but it is extremely difficult feat to achieve.

He said: “Yes, but it takes a lot of work.” (ANI)

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