Heres why women have trouble with parallel parking

January 20th, 2008 - 7:31 pm ICT by admin  

Melbourne, Jan 20 (ANI): When it comes to parallel parking, women always have apprehensions; and now, a study has substantiated it with the help of statistics.

In a research commissioned by a British driving school showed that Brit men averaged 82 per cent accuracy in reverse parking someone else’s car close to the kerb, and 71 per cent could successfully park their vehicle on the first attempt.

On the other hand, women scored only 22 per cent accuracy, while a mere 23 per cent could do it successfully first time.

Parking tests at driving schools show that women generally do better at reverse parking than men, but statistics show women perform worse in real-life situations, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The reason behind such a performance is that women are better than men at learning a task and successfully repeating it, provided the environment and conditions under which they do it don’t change.

However, in traffic, every situation presents a new set of data to be assessed and men’s spatial ability is better suited to handle this task.

An in-built spatial ability allows a man to rotate a map in his mind and know in which direction to go. If he has to return to the same location later, he doesn’t need the map, as his brain’s spatial area can store the information.

Whereas, in case of women, they are generally lost when it comes to car parking. (ANI)

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