Heres how you can stick to your exercise routine

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Washington, Jan 1 (ANI): Want to lose weight but finding it hard to stick to an exercise routine? Dont worry, for a University of Michigan Health System fitness expert has offered advice for setting reasonable fitness goals, and staying motivated for weight loss.

Colleen Greene, wellness coordinator with MFit, the University of Michigan Health Systems health promotion division, said that in order to make a workout plan successful, a person must realize that pounds wont come off that easily.

Instead, exercise must become part of a regular routine rather than be thought of as a short-term solution.

The number one New Year resolution people have is to lose weight, and it is really not that difficult. But many expect it to be done overnight, and they lose their motivation when that doesnt happen. You didnt gain weight overnight, so youre not going to lose it overnight either, said Greene.

Greene has offered several tips on how to start and stick with a new workout plan.

The first tip is to join a fitness centre, which is convenient to a persons lifestyle.

Its great if you see that a fitness centre across town is all new and sparkly, but if you have to fight cross-town traffic to get there its probably not a good choice, said Greene.

She suggested that people interested in losing weight or getting fit should ask questions, i.e. they should not shy away about learning all that the fitness centre has to offer and should try things they have never done before.

If you think Pilates is something for dancers only or if you think yoga means standing on your head, most gyms will have some sort of special drop-in rate for either the first week or first few sessions of a class. Go ahead and try it! You may find that you like it, said Greene.

Greene said that goals should be met gradually and schedule time to exercise into ones calendar.

Sometimes people burn out because other things happen; they have this or that responsibility. Remember that you have a responsibility to yourself too, said Greene.

People keen on getting in shape should get a support system, they should find people who they can count on, whether it is an exercise buddy or someone taking care of your responsibilities at home or on the job.

Most importantly, Greene said that exercises should be made fun.

Find out what you like and switch it up every so often. Fitness is a time for you and a time to take care of yourself. You will end up feeling good because youll be getting fit and feeling better, she said. (ANI)

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