Hands-Only CPR Easier And Effective Say American Heart Association

July 30th, 2010 - 7:43 pm ICT by Pen Men At Work  

Hands-Only CPR July 30, 2010 (Pen Men at Work): A couple of new studies have now proved that hands only CPR does help to save lives. A Cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique which only needs hands has been promoted by the American Heart Association for the last two years.

The new research results show that most people would be willing to attempt such CPR techniques if they can get explicit instructions from the emergency dispatcher. Pressing the hand firmly on the chest is a much more preferred method than the mouth to mouth resuscitation. The study results have also shown that a firm pressure on the chest is enough, there is no actual need for breathing into the mouth at all.

The association has also been actively involved in promoting this procedure. But the actual popularity or knowledge of the new hands-on CPR is yet to be gauged. The experts, however, feel that there is absolutely no reason for its failure to catch on. In fact, both the dispatcher as well as the on lookers will be relieved to implement an easier action.

Dr. Arthur Kellermann, an expert associated with the Rands Corporation felt that the hands on method will succeed in saving many more lives. “What are we waiting for? he asks. Statistics put the number of Americans succumbing to cardiac arrests at 310,000 every year. A majority of them die outside the hospitals and clinics with only 6% surviving if they have a heart attack outside their homes.

Most of the people panic and rush to call the 911 in case of such emergencies. However, time is of essence and a CPR without wasting minutes can result in saving a life.

The Red Cross has however issued a statement which accepts the traditional way as better but concedes that the Hands only CPR will be an effective alternative.

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