Faulty brain wiring may reason behind paedophilia

November 29th, 2007 - 12:22 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, Nov 29 (ANI): According to recent study by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), paedophilia might be the result of faulty connections in the brain.

Pedophilia or paedophilia is the primary or exclusive sexual attraction by adults to prepubescent youths. A person with this attraction is called a pedophile or paedophile.

The study led by Dr. James Cantor, CAMH Psychologist, defied the commonly held belief that pedophilia is brought on by childhood trauma or abuse and provided strong evidence that pedophilia is instead the result of a problem in brain development.

Paedophiles had significantly less of a substance called white matter which is responsible for wiring the different parts of the brain together.

There is nothing in this research that says pedophiles shouldnt be held criminally responsible for their actions, said Dr. Cantor.

Not being able to choose your sexual interests doesnt mean you cant choose what you do, he added.

The study used MRIs and a sophisticated computer analysis technique to compare a group of pedophiles with a group of non-sexual criminals.

The study is published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. (ANI)

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