Epidural Hematoma: Can one escape from the claws of this fatal trauma?

March 19th, 2009 - 11:21 pm ICT by GD  

Natasha Richardson Epidural hematoma is as deadly as it sounds. It is a brain injury in which there is a traumatic accumulation of blood between the skull and the dura mater. The dura is a membrane that protects the brain. It also provides nourishment to the brain with blood and spinal fluid. Due to a trauma, like a blow on the head, there is an increase in the accretion of blood, which puts direct pressure in the intercranial space. This pressure can have an adverse effect on the delicate brain tissues, even leading to death.

Reports suggest that approximately 3 to 4% of head injuries involve this fatal condition. Moreover, 15 to 20% of patients suffering from epidural hematoma die due to the injury. According to speculations, actress Natasha Rishardson who also suffered a head injury could have been pushed on the death bed because of epidural hematoma.

It is important to note that people suffering from epidural hematoma should be given immediate medical help. After a CT scan that reveals the extent of damage, surgery is followed. If this is not done the patient can sink into coma. After this the condition just keeps deteriorating.

A neurosurgeon performs the surgery. It is essential to discuss the procedure of the surgery and the risks involved, before the surgery is performed. Recovery after the surgery is slow and stressful. It is not unusual to see no visible changes in the patient for days together, after the surgery. The health care providers should be asked if any changes have occurred. Epidural hematoma could be fatal. Due care should be taken as the patient takes long to regain his abilities.

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