Cool cup enables you to drink hot tea on the go

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London, February 12 (ANI): You will be able to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee with much more ease now, as a Chicago-based designer has created a mug that cools the beverage to the right temperature to sip as soon as it touches ones lips.

Spero Pavlos has named his invention the Brugo Mug. He describes it as a vacuum-insulated travel mug that keeps drinks just below boiling point, but has a special chamber hidden inside that cools a mouthful every time it is tilted up.

“We’ve all taken a sip of our boiling tea or coffee before giving it a chance to cool down and suffered a burnt mouth. But this mug means you don’t have to wait until the entire drink has cooled. It is a great product for people who like to drink coffee or tea on the go,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

A small amount of drink is stored in the top section of the mug when it is tipped. The compartment separates the drink from the liquid in the cup below, and thereby cools it down much more quickly.

The thin plastic walls of the Brugo mug are also cooled by the outside air, and thus draw the heat away. In turn, the temperature of the liquid rapidly drops.

As a consequence, says Pavlos, the beverage almost immediately cools to a perfect drinking temperature of between 149F (65C) and 167F (75C).

“Once the mug has been filled with a boiling drink, the dial on the lid needs to be switched to the ‘tip and cool’ position. The mug then needs to be tipped away from the body allowing two ounces (57g) of drink to overspill into the cooling chamber. The liquid volume is immediately lessened which helps cool it down, and the plastic walls of the chamber also absorb the heat, said Pavlos.

“The process is called thermo-transfer and it is similar to when you put a spoon in a hot drink. The spoon goes in cool but when you lift it out after a few seconds it will be hot because it has absorbed the heat out of the liquid,” he added.

Pavlos says that, once that main body of liquid has cooled, the drinker can switch the dial to the normal ‘Sip’ position that bypasses the cooling chamber.

Rolf Jackson, director of European distributing company Der’Nya Kre, said: “Brugos are now on sale in the UK and are doing really well. We have already sold 22,000 which is incredible. It really is a monster product.” (ANI)

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