Cats are fibbers and dogs too polite, says animal communicator

January 3rd, 2009 - 2:52 pm ICT by ANI  

Wellington, January 3 (ANI): A 70-year-old American animal communicator insists that animals do talk, and that horses are his favourite because they are straight talkers.
Bill Northern, who has been visiting New Zealand from the U.S. since 1989, even says that dogs can be too politically correct because they do not like to hurt peoples
He, however, prefers not to deal with felines because he thinks that cats are fibbers and will say anything to get their way.
“I don”t talk to plants because I don”t have the patience,” quoted him as saying.
Bill claims that all animals communicate with him in English, irrespective of which country they are in.
He also says that animals talk to him in distinctive voices.
“They wake me up a lot in the middle of the night to tell me I missed something (during an examination). It’’s terrible. They keep me up until I get up and write it down,” he
Bill has revealed that he uses a plastic horse, kidneys and bladder included, to examine horses all over the world by phone and find out what ails them. He claims to have
examined up to 400 horses over the past year.
Brought up in Virginia, Bill has found a second home in New Zealand, where he has built up a stable of regular clients.
He claims that he can find water, move underground streams and detect negative energy lines just by using instruments like a pendulum or divining rods.
He has revealed that it was an American Indian who taught him how to look through an animal’’s eyes, a skill that he uses to check a horse’’s vision and find lost pets.
“Most people are very sceptical at first and they should be. It really is something that’’s difficult to believe until you see it,” he said.
Bill even revealed that the most interesting conversations he has ever had with animals was in the Phoenix Zoo, one of the elephants told him that he was angry with its
keepers for stopping its daily supply of watermelon, thinking that it did not like it. He said that the elephant wanted it back.
Northern is also said to have passed on his skills to others around the South Island. (ANI)

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