Bubbles in bread are what make your sandwich perfect!

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Washington, May 24 (ANI): Bread, cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, some veggies and ketchup well, this must be the ideal recipe for a yummy sandwich for you, but according to a leading UK chemical engineer, the secret ingredient that would make a perfect sandwich is bubbles.

While speaking at an Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) lecture, Professor Grant Campbell said that bubbles in bread are as important for making a good sandwich as its filling, due to the unique composition of wheat.

Bread is special because of its bubbles. Its got these bubbles because wheat, when mixed with water, salt and yeast is the only cereal that can trap the carbon dioxide and give us raised bread, Science Daily quoted him, as saying.

That raised bread makes for soft bread and its soft because of the bubbles. Different breads are distinguished by different aerated structures. Its one of the reasons why brown or wholemeal bread is less suitable for making tasty sandwiches the bran pops the bubbles.

Chemical engineers are working to find a way of getting bran into bread recipes without popping the bubbles. By doing this we will create a healthier bread without sacrificing the tastiness. Nutritionists have been telling us to eat more wholemeal bread for decades but we still prefer white bread because it tastes better said Campbell.

He added: Bubbles have made wheat the worlds most important food crop. If you took all the engineers that have ever lived and asked them to recreate such an appealing food structure, at such a price that most people in the world could afford to eat it every day, they wouldnt come up with anything as remarkable as bread.

Bread is the worlds most important food and wheat is the king of grains because of its unique ability to give us bubbly bread.(ANI)

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