Best and worst of science in 2008

December 26th, 2008 - 4:59 pm ICT by ANI  

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London, Dec 26 (ANI): New Scientist has reviewed the best and worst of science stories in the year 2008.
Called ”News review 2008: The year in science”, the article features the following lists:
The best and worst of the year:
1) Bad guys get the most girls: How self-obsessed, thrill-seeking, devious men do better than nice guys.
2) Lazy option is best when waiting for the bus: Should you walk or stick around when waiting for a tardy bus? Stay put at the first stop in almost all cases, suggests a formula devised by mathematicians at Harvard University.
3) Mongoose-robot duo sniffs out landmines: Pairing a mongoose with an exquisite sense of smell with a lightweight robot offers a cheap, effective way to find landmines.
4) Could “bubble” universes threaten human existence? It is the ultimate neighbour from hell - a rogue bubble universe that could rip into our world at any time and eat us and everything else in a flash.
5) A Wii warm-up hones surgical skills: It may sound like a bad idea for trainee surgeons to play games on the Nintendo Wii when they should be studying, but it might be time well spent.

Most commented articles:
1 New legal threat to teaching evolution in the US.
2 Vote for your favourite science fiction book/film.
3 Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions.
4 Creationists declare war over the brain.
5 Bacteria make major evolutionary shift in the lab.
Most clicked articles online: 1 Evolution - 24 myths and misconceptions.
2 Mysterious “dead water” effect caught on film.
3 Bacteria make major evolutionary shift in the lab.
4 Music special - Five great auditory illusions.
5 Fastest-ever flashgun captures image of light wave.
Best blunders: 1 China boasts of its space walk hours before astronauts had left the launch pad.
2 US astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper drops a tool box from the space station.
3 Michael Fournier fails in his attempt to sky-dive faster than the speed of sound when his balloon takes off without him.
4 Sarah Palin made a faux pas on climate change. She said, “I”m not one to attribute every man - activity of man to the changes in the climate. There is something to be said also for man’’s activities, but also for the cyclical temperature changes on our planet.” (ANI)

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