Are you a ‘Supertaster’?

August 19th, 2008 - 10:34 pm ICT by Bupha Ravirot  

Scientists have shown that Extra Taste Buds associated with obesity and colon polyps.

Scientists suggested that every 1 out of 4 people has extra taste buds. It is not an unusual thing but for these people eating is a much richer, more…well, more flavorful experience than for the rest of us. The extra taste buds around their tongues, make the world of eating much more intense. But having pleasure in eating is not always the best thing, the study also shown that having extra taste buds has its drawbacks.

A study was made emphasizing on supertasters aged over 65 and found that they have more colon polyps than those who has no taste bud gift. Colon polyps are the things you want to have removed before they become cancerous, which is why all folks fifty and older should get a yearly colon exam. The answer to the question why those supertasters have more colon polyps is not known.

Obviously having extra taste buds is also associated with obesity, it is found that supertasters weigh more on average than non-supertasters, and weight increases cancer risk.

These extra taste buds may lead to rejection of strong tasting vegetables like broccoli.

How do you know if you are supertaster? The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)’ homepage told the easy way to find;

“All you need to perform this test is blue food coloring, cotton swabs, notebook paper hole reinforcements, and a magnifying glass. After swabbing the tip of the tongue with food coloring, place a reinforcement ring there and count the number of raised pink dots (papillae) within the ring. Those with extra taste buds will have about 30 papillae while those without will have only 15″.

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