The moonlit road mystery murder

February 28th, 2009 - 5:44 pm ICT by David M N James  

On a Friday Dateline feature, a young woman was shocked to find out that a close friend was going to jail after being connected to the death of her father. Actually, dateline revealed that the murder happened when the father was going to a nearby store to buy some milk since she was crying. It was at night and she was crying in that warm moonlit September night at a big marine park in Camp Lejeune NC.

The father, marine sergeant, Bill Miller drove past the shops nearby as he sought a shop that he could buy some milk.. It was the last time he could be seen and the last time he heard his daughter cry. The family found the body of Bill Kenneth Miller along the road with two bullet holes. He was dead and the big question was, ‘who killed him and why?’

According to Wendy Miller, the memories of her father are absolute zero. She has none. He died 36 years ago and that is a long time ago. She is now a grown up woman with two kids and a life to take care of. She laments that her father is part of her history and her kid’s history. Marine sergeant Bill Miller was in Vietnam twice. He was gunned down on a country road in North Carolina. He had no renowned enemies and that was a difficult situation for the sheriff’s office.

According to Wendy Miller, she learnt about her sisters through her grandmother. About her father’s death, she has been told that her father died in the line of duty. He was either on patrol on the marine base and found some AWOL people in drug activity and he got killed. However, Wendy came across an envelope in a mailbox. The envelope told away about the cold-blooded murder of her father. The letter was reportedly from a group calling itself the judge advocates of the navy.

The truth about the murder is that, Bill Miller was lured to his death by a call that came through his neighbor. Miller had no phone so he used his neighbors. The caller said it was urgent. Miller drove fast, pulled to a stop at the edge of this remote 2-lane road, leaving the engine running and the turn signal on. He got out of the car without a weapon and made it to the front of his car oblivious what was in the reeds. That was the last time he breathed. A passing motorist found the body and informed the authorities. Miller had been shot twice by shots from a military M-16 rifle. The person who called Bill Miller was Vickie, Wendy’s real mother. She admitted to investigators that she called Miller less than an hour before his murder. Miller agreed to meet her that night to talk about getting back together. But Miller, stood her up. This made the timing of the meeting and the murder such a horrible turn of events.

The truth is, it was Wendy’s mother who played an active role in Bills murder. She helped set up an ambush on the side of Western Boulevard. Vickie would act like her car was broken down, Bill stopped to help Vickie, and George Hayden a former police chief who was hiding in the ditch shot Bill twice with the M-16. Once in the back, that severed his spinal cord. And once in the head. Vicki is now 58 and she has been since charged with Bill Millers greasily murder alongside George.

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